In 2017, JOSVLI Jakarta was born from a heartfelt vision held close by our founder, Caroline Josvli. Recognizing a longing in the market for timeless elegance, driven not by passing trends but by enduring functionality, she set out to fill this void.


Fuelled by the pulse of our beloved city, Jakarta, JOSVLI has remained steadfast in its commitment to embodying its essence within each creation, a tangible reflection of Jakarta's spirit carried within every bag.

Beyond mere design and utility, JOSVLI has always been a torchbearer for the rich tapestry of Indonesian craftsmanship, showcasing artisanal mastery that speaks to the soul of our heritage. With unwavering dedication, we have upheld the standard of quality over quantity, ensuring that each piece is a testament to the skill and artistry that defines us.

As the time evolves and change, we feel the stirring call to evolve alongside the ever-changing rhythms of our city, Our journey is one of perpetual motion, a commitment to never stand still but to embrace growth and change.

Made in the heart of Jakarta, for every modern living souls out there.