JOSVLI is a bag brand from Jakarta, founded in 2017.

We prioritizes innovation towards designs and color decisions. The chosen leather to create with should meet up with the quality standards as well as the stitching, small detailing and elements that comes in certain purposes to usage and silhouette.



JOSVLI Lıvíng provides lifestyle leather goods + sustainable pieces for work, beauty, and travel.  

Founded by JOSVLI, the Lıvíng-line is about thoughtful products designed to encourage the practicality of organising; especially for independent lifestyle, adopted by many women in present day.

Everyday living should be done mindfully and beautifully.

Personalised embossments are available, as an approach to increasing personal values to the chosen pieces. Printed or written cards are also available as gifting options to your loved ones.

We hope JOSVLI Lıvíng can be a part of your everyday. Thank you for your support.