Known as the color of autumn, forever recognized as a strong yet mature color the amber sparks our spirit to bring local brand into a new level of trust,
with qualified handcrafts and design suitable for Indonesian women.
Amber reminds us the humbleness of the earth, the sophistication of modern art, the comfortable yet temporary Autumn, and high spirit bright as fire.


We want to be your best friend, your most memorable gift, and your favorite companion

In a mission to be environmentally-conscious brand, we switch our regular dustbag to reusable cotton tote that you can use as shopping bag later on.

We love creating everlasting design, even though we do create each and every product thoughtfully each season.
We do believe in a little twist, a little edgy, an accessory that fits a lot of style, and survive multiple trends along with its function.
We always provide each product with care tag, so your bag and strap can last longer at its best shape.