The Timeless Classic

Since 2017, JOSVLI started with a purpose to build quality products with consistency of Design Originality and Story whilst representing Indonesian Craftsmanship for the Modern Age. 

We’ve come along so far for the past three years and we’ll never get here if we didn’t push through with our first collection, including the signature Oscar Bag. 

To celebrate this journey, we would like to launch a Timeless Classic collection. Where we bring back the signature of Josvli whilst adding more classic colors that fit perfectly for your everyday. Featuring our classic best-sellers; Oscar, Narha and Trevor.

We are heading towards improvement to our Timeless Classic, with newly formulated hardware, leather adjustment, and better quality control to make sure you get the best of our signatures that can be passed on for generations.

From this day on, we hope that we’ll be able to grow better together – You, #withJosvli. 

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